Building a Brighter Future for Orphans in Belize

Building a Brighter Future for Orphans in Belize
  • Location : San Ignacio, Cayo District, Belize
  • Start Date : 1st and 3rd Saturday of Each Month
  • Duration : 2 Weeks



Start your married life by supporting an extraordinary project helping orphaned, abused, abandoned or forgotten children in Belize who are being offered shelter between the ages of 16-18. By spending two weeks on our sustainable building project, you can help to provide orphaned and at risk youths with protection and a safe haven for them to feel nurtured and loved. Sometimes humanity forgets its obligations to a new generation so here is your step in and to make a difference in the lives of others. Alongside your volunteer work you will also be involved in a caving adventure, where you will have the chance to discover the mysteries and secrets of the Maya underworld.

What's special about this place?

"This Central American country is close to the U.S., easy to get around, and has lots of tiny villages to welcome you. Plus there is plenty of nature activities spanning coral reef lagoons to dense rain forest. " Costas Christ, National Geographic

Your Impact

With orphaned children leaving the security of the state system at age 16, you can provide these vulnerable young people the opportunity to develop and prepare for adulthood, by working on building homes and developing their community, helping to present to them a brighter and more sustainable future.


Private room with airconditioning in a volunteer house.


San Ignacio, Cayo District, Belize

Volunteer Project

During your time volunteering, you will get involved in a home building project to give back to orphaned communities in need of support, encouragement, respect and love. This is a self-sustainable community farm dedicated to the promotion of self reliance, harmonious living and above all, providing a safe, stable and healthy home for abused and orphaned children whom law dictates, must leave the orphan system at only16 years of age. This orphanage development project brings a sense of community to the children abandoned by the legal system while immersing them in inspiring sustainability initiatives helping to preserve local resources enabling the community to be financially independent. Importantly, this farm aims to become a transition model to inspire other community building and sustainable farming initiatives throughout Belize.

There are a number of initiatives currently being undertaken on this project including food security sustainable agricultural practices, preserving biodiversity through land management, providing transitional homes for both young women and those that the orphan system has disregarded at 16 years old and a child fostering programme. You will be working as a developmental volunteer to help support the above practices and provide much needed man power and support to the initiatives on the ground. The area where you will be particularly valuable are in construction, helping to develop main and out buildings, sanitization blocks and developing the garden area.

You will participate in construction initiatives to help create outbuildings and to support the farm development work. You will have the opportunity to assist in many aspects of construction and learn ecological architecture such as sandbag construction and feeder roads built with old tires. This project may also involve helping in the construction of waterless composting latrines and wood conservation stove and ovens. We are constantly working to develop the farm which will in the future, raise animals so you may also be involved in developing the areas to house the animals.

What’s Included?

• Airport transfers from Belize City Airport
• Private room in a volunteer house, with hot shower and airconditioning
• All meals during while staying at the volunteer house and a bottle of wine on arrival
• Full orientation upon arrival
• 24/7 support from local coordinators
• Adventure Caving Tour to Actun Tunichil Muknal
• Accommodation and Meals while on Excursion

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