Walking with Lions in Zimbabwe

Walking with Lions in Zimbabwe
  • Location : Antelope Park, Gweru, Zimbabwe
  • Start Date : Every Sunday
  • Duration : 2 Weeks



If you want to get up close and personal with the king of the beasts, this groundbreaking breeding and release project is your chance to help the future of the African lion and get hands-on with the big cats.

What's special about this place?

“An opportunity to encounter lions in a project committed to the long-term survival of the species. Unforgettable..”

Your impact

This unique project is working to develop a successful technique for breeding strong lions that can be released back in to the wild in areas that have seem big declines in their lion populations. As a volunteer you can get involved with rearing and walking the the young cubs, preparing food for the 95 lions on site and cleaning the enclosures at the breeding site.


You will have a private, luxury en-suite riverside lodge or safari tent on site, with delicious chef-cooked meals on a popular tourist site with swimming pool.


Antelope Park, Gweru, Zimbabwe

Volunteer Project

The African Lion Research Trust runs Antelope Park’s lion breeding and rehabilitation programme which has been running since 1999. Its aims are to facilitate and promote sound conservation and management plans for the African Lion.

Working in consultation with governments and wildlife authorities, they determine the research needs for lion populations in protected areas around Africa. Antelope park is the central base for a unique programme that sets out a 4-stage process to create strong prides that over generations can be released back into semi-wild then fully wild environments.

As a volunteer you will be involved with data collection, lion walks, cub familiarization, research on the release prides, food (meat) preparation, enclosure cleaning and maintenance, making toys for behaviors enrichment and other on-site work such as sign making, road repair, boundary patrol and snare sweeping.

Living on site, you will have time to interact not only with the lions, but also with the elephants and horses on-site. And living on the reserve you will have plenty of opportunity to see the  best of Africa’s wildlife living free around the park.

What's Included?

• Private river lodge with en-suite facilities
• All meals
• Picnic Breakfast for 2
• Bush dinner for 2
• Airport pick up and drop off from Harare or Bulawayo Airport (including guesthouse accommodation if required)

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