The Wonders of the Wild Coast

The Wonders of the Wild Coast
  • Location : South Africa
  • Start Date : 1st and 3rd Monday of Every Month
  • Duration : 2 Weeks



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Luxury 3:
Throughout your trip, you will be staying at the 4 star Crawfords Beach resort, in a luxury suite with it’s own private balcony, overlooking the sea. The resort has a pool and tennis courts and delicious Buffet style dining for your breakfast and dinner.

Privacy 3:
Staying at the Crawfords resort, you will have all the privacy you need – with the option of joining up with the rest of the volunteers for activities in the evenings and weekends.

Adventure 2:
The laid back pace of the Wild Coast will help you relax after a day volunteering, but with game drives and horse rides planned, the best beaches in South Africa, and opportunities to learn to surf and Quad Bike nearby you can choose turn up the adventure level all the way.

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