The Wonders of the Wild Coast

The Wonders of the Wild Coast
  • Location : South Africa
  • Start Date : 1st and 3rd Monday of Every Month
  • Duration : 2 Weeks



The romantic Wild Coast of South Africa is one of the countries’ best hidden secrets, with miles of white sands, rolling green hills and dramatic tropical forests. The local population of this rural area suffers from poor education and little access to facilities available in the cities. Working with donated computers, you can join the team bringing computer literacy and arts to hundreds of school children.

What's special about this place?

In the modern world, ‘wild’ as far as nature is concerned is a relative concept. It is enough, perhaps, that an area of natural beauty is not utterly trampled by urban development, or destroyed by irresponsible land use, for it to deserve the term ‘wild.’ Certainly this is the case in … the Wild Coast of South Africa’s Eastern Cape.

Your Impact

The project works with the local schools to bring computer literacy and arts & crafts lessons to primary school children who have no access to these facilities at home or in their community. Bringing education to these children brings with it the promise of better job opportunities and better futures as they compete in the modern world.


You will stay at a private beach lodge the luxurious 4star Crawford’s resorts in Chintsa for the duration of your stay.


The beautiful seaside community of Chintsa, on South Africa’s Wild Coast.

Volunteer Project

In communities where so few families even have electricity at home, it is little surprise that the children on the Wild Coast have no opportunity to access computers and develop the basic skills that are demanded in the modern workplace. This project focuses on teaching children the basics of computer literacy, from how to use a keyboard and mouse, through to word processing, computer arts and navigating around a computer.
Supported by a range of foundations and sponsors, this project was initiated in 2004 and now works alongside 6  schools, with 4 computer stations plus a mobile lab, over 150 computer helping more than 1000 children from pre-school to high-school age.
Volunteers work under the guidance of experienced facilitators to deliver lessons an provide individual support for children in the classroom. Additional to the computer labs, the project also runs weekly art clubs, and sports training, as well as being involved with environmental education and helping maintain the schools.

What’s Included?

• Private room at Crawfords Beach resort
• 2 meals a day at the resort (breakfast & dinner)
• Half day safari game drive at  Inkwenkwezi
• 3 hour horse ride on Chintsa beach
• Airport pick up and drop off from East London Airport

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