Kruger Safari and Swazi Building Adventure

Kruger Safari and Swazi Building Adventure
  • Location : South Africa and Swaziland
  • Start Date : 1st Monday of Every Month (except Dec)
  • Duration : 2 Weeks



This honeymoon experience will take you through South Africa where you will have the chance to tour the world famous Kruger National Park and then into Swaziland where you will get involved in some community building projects. Not only will you get to enjoy an amazing variety of places on this tour but you will also get to experience some varied and life changing activities ranging from close encounters with big game such as elephants and lions, to building much needed infrastructure for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children whist taking part of Swaziland’s vibrant culture.

What's special about this place?

"It befits its position at the southern end of the world’s most epic continent, with more types of terrain than photographers can shake their zoom lens at." - Lonely Planet

Your Impact

The number of children orphaned from HIV and AIDS in Swaziland is over 70,000 in a population of just over 1 million. You will play a part in helping to build houses for these vulnerable children, supporting them not just for now, but for the future to come.


Private room or safari-tent at your volunteer lodge in Swaziland and private tent while in Kruger.


South Africa’s Kruger National Park and the Ezulwini Valley of Heaven in Swaziland

Volunteer Project

There are 2 distinct parts to this travel experience each with its own interesting flavor. In Kruger you will be joining a camping safari holiday. Here your days will be spent on game drives searching for the incredibly diverse wildlife that this world renowned national park has to offer while at night you will be camped out under the African stars, sitting around a crackling campfire listening to tales of the African bush. While in Kruger your guide will teach you about the animals and plants of the African savanna and how important it is to protect this beautiful but fragile eco-system.

When you arrive in the beautiful mountainous kingdom of Swaziland your role will switch to volunteer as you get involved in building projects that aim to uplift the lives of Orphaned and Vulnerable Children. There are now literally thousands of children in Swaziland who are either orphaned or classified as vulnerable as result of HIV/AIDS and your role will be to play your part in improving the lives of these needy children. Your task will be to help build homes and facilities at Neighbourhood Care Points (NCPs) for these children which might involve mixing cement, making bricks, painting a classroom, planting a garden or fitting a new roof onto a house. Throughout the building project you will have the guidance of a skilled builder.

Swaziland is Africa’s last remaining true monarchy and in its unique laid-back way is steeped in Swazi culture and tradition. The Ezulwini valley of Swaziland is known as the valley of heaven and is both home to the King and royal family, and most of the countries tourism facilities and attractions. It is a scenic hilly Kingdom with a friendly age-old way of life that endears anyone who takes the time to experience it.

As a volunteer you will spend five days working on our building project which we have aptly named the “Build a Future” project. The project aims to build basic but safe houses for children who are classified as Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVCs). These children do not have access to a safe shelter, reliable food source, education or health care. All these needs are important but none more than a safe shelter in which to live or go to school. Volunteers work alongside experienced builders, making blocks, laying foundations, building walls, and fitting roofs and doors to finish off the much needed structures for these children to move into. As a couple you will be able to make a lasting difference to these children’s lives.

What’s Included?

• All accommodation throughout your programme
• All meals (volunteers will rotate cooking duties at the volunteer lodge)
• Airport transfer on set arrival and departure days from OR Tambo airport in South Africa
• Orientation upon arrival
• Daily game drives in Kruger
• A guided bush walk
• Full support and daily guidance from the project team in Swaziland
• Project equipment
• An authentic walking tour of a local village in Swaziland, led by guides who grew up in that village
• Malolotja Zip Lining tour
• Visit to Sibebe Rock, Maguga Dam and Ngwenya Glass Factory
• Tour guide for the duration of your tour
• 24/7 support back up support from project managers

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