1. We love the honeymoon volunteering packages, but we are not on our honeymoon. Can we still join?

Absolutely! If you are travelling together, to any of our locations you are welcome to join our projects. You don’t have to be on your honeymoon to want to combine volunteering with some extra-special activities and together time!


2. We are not actually a couple. Will we still be able to sign up on one of the honeymoon packages?

Yes, if you are happy to share a room, we can still accept you!  Your placement advisor can find out which location have twin, rather than double bed options as well if you ask us.


3. We are a single-sex couple. Are we able to honeymoon with Kaya?

Yes, for most of our locations, we will be happy to receive you. There are a few countries within which we operate where homosexuality is still considered illegal and we will recommend which options to avoid on this basis. In some, more conservative countries, you might be asked to avoid public displays of affection, on project site, or within the rural communities – although these are often locations where heterosexual couples would be given the same advice! Contact us for a list of projects that would be best suited for you.  


4. You have so-many project options on your main site. Why do you only offer limited option for honeymoons?

For Honeymoon Volunteers we have specially selected projects that are suitable for the more traditional 2-3 honeymoon length, and where we can provide more appropriate accommodation for a couple. We have many locations that have dorm-style accommodation, where very specific skills are required or where long-term placements only are accepted. If you are more flexible on these areas, we can organize your honeymoon on any of our project locations!


5. We have a specific skill that we want to put to use. Where can we do this?

Many of our projects require the help of skilled volunteers.  The options we have included in our honeymoon package are generally open to all with no specific skills required, but if one or both of you have a specific skill that might be suitable to apply to community or environmental work, let us know and we can look at how your placement can best make use of that.


6. We just can’t choose between the options. Is there someone we can talk to?

Of course!  We have recruitment offices in both the UK and in Asia so are available on the phones most hours of the day to give you advice on which project would be best for you and to help you in your decision. You are also welcome to email us with any questions that you might have and for advice on what project is the right fit for you. Every member of Kaya staff has worked, travelled, studied or volunteered abroad, and most of us have visited and volunteered on our own projects, so have first-hand experience of the countries and nature of the programme placements. Our knowledge of international travel and volunteering is invaluable, and we can give you good advice and tips to make the most of your honeymoon trip.


7. We don’t have travel insurance yet. Can you recommend some?

For UK citizens we recommend using Mind the Gap, World Nomads (for community based projects), and Ensleigh or Trailfinders (for wildlife projects).  For US citizens we recommend TravelGuard, iNext, and Seven Corners.  The reason that we suggest these companies is because they tend to provide a more comprehensive cover that tends to cover the type of activities you will be getting involved in while volunteering.  Whichever company you choose it’s important to speak to an advisor directly and let them know where you are going and what you will be doing.  That way they can arrange the appropriate level of cover for you.

Also, if you choose to book your flights through Kaya's dedicated STA Travel advisor, then you will receive a 10% discount on the travel insurance that they offer.  This insurance covers volunteers for most project related work but does not cover you for working with animals.  If you would like to know more about receiving a quote about the price of flights and insurance from STA's Kaya travel advisor then please send an email to info@kayavolunteer.com or give us a call on +44 (0)161 860 6212.


8. We have our own private health insurance policy, does this cover us to volunteer abroad?

For all programs it is mandatory for volunteers to have travel health insurance cover in case of an accident. With private health policies, this varies greatly from insurer to insurer and also depending on the level of cover that you have.  Many policies only cover you for healthcare within your own country so if you are thinking about using your existing insurance rather than taking out travel insurance you should always contact your provider, explain to them what you will be doing, and check whether you will be covered whilst you’re away.  It’s also always advisable to take out some additional travel insurance as well to cover your belongings such as lost baggage or stolen items while you are away.


9. I know that you are based in the UK but do you accept volunteers from other countries?

You are more than welcome to join us whatever country you are from! While we are registered as a British Company, around 50% of our volunteers come from North America, Europe, Australia and other parts of the world and we will provide you with the same amount of support as we do our British volunteers. All volunteers are responsible for making their own way from their home country to the airport stipulated in your Welcome Pack and we will provide you with your initial airport pick up from here.  Please note that visa information provided may not apply to your nationality and you should always contact the country embassy in your home country to check on the tourist/visitor entry requirements for you.


10. We are not British, can we pay in another currency?

We accept payments made in Pounds (£GBP) or in US Dollars ($USD). We have a set conversion rate of £1 = $1.75 and all of our payments made in Dollars must adhere to this conversion. If you are a US Citizen depending on how the market is fluctuating, it may sometimes be cheaper for you to submit your payment to us in Pounds. You can settle your project fee with us via PayPal online, through Bank Transfer and also by sending us a Cheque.


11. We’re worried about the safety of volunteering abroad. Do you have any procedures in place to help reassure us?

The safety of our volunteers is always our key priority. We have sets of emergency procedures in place to cover every eventuality; our volunteer coordinators carry an emergency phone 24/7 in case of incidents and are well trained in how to deal with any situations. All our project sites are evaluated when we begin working with them to establish safety practises and remove or minimise potential hazards. There is always a certain level of risk involved in travel within developing countries that we have less control over - the road safety is rarely as good as it is for us at home, there are tropical illnesses that exist and we do experience incidents of pick pocketing on occasions. However we provide a thorough orientation on site that helps you minimise those risks, and pre-departure packs to help you prepare. 


12. Do you accept last minute volunteers?

If you have had a whirlwind wedding, or just not had a chance to book your honeymoon plans until the last minute we can still accommodate for you. We recommend booking a minimum of 3-months prior to departure, and earlier than this if you are thinking of travelling in the peak seasons (June-Sept) as some of our placements do get fully booked. But if you have less time and you are looking to travel in less than 2 months time, then let us know and we can advice on the placements where we can organize this for you. 

In such last-minute bookings that you are accepted, we do ask that you bear with us and the team on the ground when you arrive, as everything may not have been arranged as smoothly as it would normally be. There are usually months of planning which go into hosting a volunteer and while everyone will endeavour to arrange your placement as quickly as possible we ask that you land in country with enthusiasm and also patience; after all, it was your decision to leave so soon! 


13. Do you have offices across the globe?

Kaya’s main office is located in Manchester, in the UK but we do also have a base in Asia. Both of these offices can be contacted on our main UK number +44 (0)161 860 6212. We can arrange for our placements advisors to call you back at any convenient time and have an online form dedicated to just this. Just pop in your name, email, contact number and local time zone, and we’ll do our very best to get hold of you for the time that you have specified.


14. How flexible are you with travel dates?

All of our projects have certain start dates depending on the location, which you can see in the project information. You can apply up to one year in advance and we do recommend applying 3 – 6 months in advance of when you want to volunteer to give both us and the project on the ground sufficient time to arrange all of the details associated with your placement. Arrivals and departures outside set dates may sometimes be possible, but may incur some additional charges.


15. We know what project we want to work on. What happens now?

Great! It is a simple procedure. If you are happy with the project that you have chosen and feel ready to secure your space, then we ask you to fill in our short application form on our website by clicking the Book Now button for the corresponding project. We then ask for a £200 (or USD $350) deposit per person, which will reserve your space on that program. If for any reason you are not accepted this will be fully refunded to you. If you are accepted then this will secure your trip and you will just be required to submit the remainder of your fee 6 weeks before the start date of your program. If you are signing up within the 6-week marker, we ask for you to submit your payment in full when you apply.


16. We’re really interested in diving and already have our Open Water Certificates. Can you suggest something a good placement?

Depending on your level of qualification and what you are hoping to gain from your project we can suggest a number of alternatives for you. We have marine conservation initiatives, which provide first time divers with a PADI Open Water Certification, after this we can provide you with an Advanced PADI Qualification. If you are looking to further your credentials in underwater conservation we also offer a SSI Ecological and a SSI Environmental Monitoring Program in Thailand.


17. We would like to help teach children but have no formal qualifications. Can we still apply?

Forall our teaching projects you will work alongside existing teachers or project leaders, or follow a set curriculum that is in place, so that you don't’ need to have any specific qualifications or experience. For those who do have a teaching background, let us know and you will be able to get even more involved. Kaya’s Teacher Training Manual also prepares volunteers for all forms of teaching placements. We understand the importance of feeling prepared, especially when faced with a room full of eager faces ready to learn from you and how for some, this may be a daunting prospect at first. Our Manual runs through warm up games, ice breakers, teaching topics and much more to help ease you in to your first few weeks of teaching.  All teaching volunteers receive a copy of this manual as soon as they apply and pay their deposit so that there is ample time to make preparations before you arrive. If you already have teaching experience or a TEFL qualification, you will find you are given a lead role or more responsibilities than other volunteers (if you’d like them!)


19. What do we need to do for a visa?

Depending on your nationality and the country that you are visiting this will need to be checked in advance of you departing for your project. On the whole we work with tourist visas, which are generally cheap, quick and easy to secure. You may need to apply for this at your home embassy or will receive an entry stamp on arrival, but you need to make sure you are prepared before you head off and know exactly the requirements for entering the country of your choice. You will always need an up-to-date passport with at least 6 blank pages, as well as passport validity for 6 months after your departure date. Work, business and volunteer visas are expensive, difficult and often take months to procure and 9 times of out 10 these are not necessary for the work that you will be undertaking. If you are unsure of the type of visa you need for your project, feel free to ask one of our advisors. Once you have this information, you can check the requirements of the visa for your nationality at Visa HQ: http://www.visahq.com/citizens/


21. We have to drop out for a number of personal reasons. Can we reschedule for another time?

Yes, of course! So long as you give us adequate notice (6 weeks or more) we can hold your deposit for 1 year from the date that you initially signed up for a project of your choice. If at that point you are still unable to complete your placement, then we will examine every case individually to assess whether we are able to extend this further.


22. I am having trouble paying. What are my options?

You can pay both your deposit and the balance of your fees either online, by cheque or by bank transfer, where we can receive Pounds sterling (UK£) or US dollars (US$). To make payment online, click on the “Pay now” button and enter your name and the amount your need to pay (to protect your information we don’t keep your details online, and we will match your payment to your name manually). Payments are processed by Paypal, as, this ensures your card details are always safe. There is no need for a paypal account to use this service – just click on ‘pay with a card’ one you are on the Paypal page. Please note – some banks and card providers have a lower limit for online transactions than for regular payments (and they often don’t tell you that!). If you are having trouble making the payment, contact your card provider and ask for permission to process the amount required (the banks have introduced these safeguard to protect against internet scams). To pay by bank transfer, please see the bank details on your invoice. Cheques should be sent to Kaya Responsible Travel, The Arches, North Campus Incubator, Sackville St, Manchester, UK, M60 1QD.