Thinking of volunteering in central or south-east Asia? We have a number of projects that you can work with that will give you a great insight to some of the fascinating and diverse cultures across the continent.

See the sights of India or Nepal as you work alongside their community development initiatives, or join fascinating and essentail marine conservation work on the coral reefs of Thailand or Borneo.

For those wanting to become a honeymoon volunteer on the Asian continent, take a look at our projects in Borneo, Thailand and Nepal.

More About Asia

Asia is the largest continent on Earth covering nearly 30% of its land mass. It is also the most densely populated continent, containing more than 60% of the world’s population with over 4 billion inhabitants.

Overflowing with cultural and environmental diversity it is a land breathing endless experiential opportunity.

From the snowy peaks of the Nepalese Himalayas to the beaches of Thailand, to the rainforests of Borneo, you can find any type of environment here. Ancient cultures provide fascinating architecture in Katmandhu and are the home of great traditions and ways-of-life in the communities of Thailand.

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