If you are looking to honeymoon in Africa then we have a number of exciting volunteer projects that you can get involved in. We have options that focus on marine conservation, teaching or building work, as you explore the wilds of this fascinating and magnificent continent.

We currently have volunteer honeymoon options in Swaziland and South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

More About Africa

Africa covers about 20% of the earths land area and is made up of 54 countries (plus a couple of disputed ares!). It has a population of around 925 million people and with its strong individual tribal traditions is home to around 3,000 ethnic groups speaking almost 2000 languages.

Wildlife in Africa is a major draw to visitors with some of the most impressive wildlife in the world found here, and a booming safari industry as a result.  Here you can find the fastest (cheetah), heaviest (african Elephant) most dangerous (hippo- yes, really, despite being vegetarian, they 'run over' people when scared) and tallest (giraffe) mammals on earth, as well as the largest bird (ostrich), fish (whaleshark) and frog (Goliath Frog - about the size of a rabbit!).

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